Recruitment & Assessment

S.M.A.R.T. Recruitment brings employers and job seekers together with results that speak for themselves. Our experience, insights and attention to detail enable us to identify top talents across a broad range of professional levels, industries and companies.

We pride ourselves on making mutually beneficial matches between job seekers and our corporate clients, and go to great lengths to ensure that each satisfies the needs and expectations of the other. We do so by taking the time to thoroughly understand the specific needs of each of our clients, and then using proprietary recruitment techniques to pinpoint the most suitable job candidates.

S.M.A.R.T. Recruitment is committed to delivering a thoroughly satisfactory experience with every recruitment project. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards of professionalism, integrity and accuracy, and we invite you to put us to the test!

We provide assessment solutions that help organizations select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.

We assist clients throughout all phases of the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Do you need to screen job applicants and select the best candidates or do you need to find out the suitability of your current employees for specific job functions? We have a number of assessment tools for pre-employment screening and job applicant selection. It helps you choose the best candidates to fill your job openings. Our flagship solution helps you identify if a person CAN do a job, if they WILL do a job, and if they WILL BE HAPPY doing so.

Our employee assessment solutions can help clients:

  • Screen-out unsuitable candidates
  • Match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of successful on boarding
  • Identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long-term contribution to the organization