Background Check

We offer a series of employment and customer screening services that check the validity of employment candidates and customers’ claims to help ensure their effectiveness as employees and also help your organisation comply with KYC requirements. Through a team of highly qualified individuals and streamlined processes our SMARTCheck Team specialise in background check, KYC Checks, money laundering and business crime mitigation.

SMARTCheck services are offered to financial services firms and also firms in other sectors where AML/KYC is required. SMARTCheck screening and verification service delivers fast, thorough and comprehensive services which will enable you to make better informed decisions quickly and accurately, reducing the associated risk to your business.

SMARTCheck believes that “their past is your future”.  Some of our services include:

  • Educational/Credential
  • Professional Certificate Verification
  • Previous Employers Check
  • Personal Reference Check
  • Address Confirming Report
  • Address Tracing Report
  • Full Personality Intelligence Check (if necessary)
  • Criminal Records
  • Vehicle Records
  • Credit History
  • Guarantors Details

You can count on SMARTCheck to provide you with an extensive range of thorough background checks, representing great value, whilst minimising the risk of bad hiring decisions, or misleading candidate or customer claims. SMARTCheck is a combination of unique services for clients, providing the confidence that candidates and customers are who they say they are and are qualified to have a relationship with you.