Rating Services

S.M.A.R.T. helps its clients dissect the factors that most influence ratings, and make the precise changes in their business that will produce the greatest benefits.

Individual rating agencies respond to different factors. What matters changes with economic, political, and market shifts – as well as with the performance and capital structures of the companies being rated. We arm our clients with unique insights into the workings of rating agencies and regulators, and a practical agenda for getting rated, moving up, and protecting their advantage over time.

We have proven readiness tests for rating success, honed by every client experience. We can model how each rating agency will respond to the data that our clients provide. And, because we are SMART, we can not only model improved solutions, we can help our clients implement them, and shape their presentations for best effect.

We have the competence to counsel clients towards improving their dialogue with rating agencies and regulators. Our client’s performance relative to peers matters a great deal, and this is a factor that we analyze from both a quantitative and qualitative standpoint. Our people are able to anticipate and identify potential issues in time for our clients to make adjustments.