Learning & Development

S.M.A.R.T. runs a series of public courses covering all of our core training issues targeted towards professional personal development of the human capital. At S.M.A.R.T. we develop people’s Leadership Skills so they have the confidence and authority to make a real difference in their organisations. Leadership is one of those things that are often hard to define but you know when you see it, and you definitely know when it is missing. Organisations often have some people who may have to ‘step up to the plate’ and take on far more of a leadership role than previously. You may need them to demonstrate the kind of leadership behaviours that others aspire to. There are also managers who have to take the next step and go beyond being good or even excellent managers, to become inspirational leaders within the organisation.

Our people skills, or soft skills ‘training’ seeks to develop the individual by offering options, choices, changes in perspective and attitude and an opportunity for the sort of personal experience that allows people to develop quickly and radically.

Our guiding principles are based on the following:

  • A well-trained human capital is an invaluable asset towards achieving organizational objectives.
  • Regular training of the workforce ensures that the potentials of every individual are released.
  • Employees should be able to achieve their personal goals while also achieving organizational goals.
  • We believe that people more easily take on new behaviours and thinking in an environment that is enjoyable and light-hearted, so that the serious issue is much easier to deal with.

Our personal professional development programs are more than just training. We make them relevant and practical. Participants learn techniques they can use straight away in their everyday life. You can have the best systems, processes and measurements in place, but if people are not aligned, committed, on board and feeling confident and motivated, those systems simply won’t deliver the results. Just doing the job won’t make an exciting strategy work either. There needs to be something extra to develop peoples’ drive, dynamism and team spirit.

To develop better soft skills, people need to be able to identify the behaviours that work for them, what behaviours get in the way of their effectiveness and what else they could do instead or better. If they are then allowed to develop their inherent skills as individuals, they will quickly get to a place where they will want to put them into practise. This is the underlying aim of all our personal development programs.