Market Research

Whether your interest is in measuring or tracking your performance, evaluating new products or simply to better understand your customers, then we can help by providing high quality qualitative and quantitative survey research.

We help organizations find out more about their products and services with a view to deriving competitive advantage. S.M.A.R.T’s market research consultants conduct comprehensive industry, customer and competitor analyses in order to determine market opportunities. Our consultants assess each of these opportunities, determine the optimal ones, and create action plans for effective market penetration by clients. We help business enterprises; public sector and not-for-profit organisations launch new products, improve customer satisfaction, leverage brand strengths, segment markets, and fine tune their marketing and communications activities.

At the heart of any valued market research study is the extent to which the research addressed the underlying business challenges. At S.M.A.R.T we are passionate about market research, but we understand that market research is a means and not the end. Our role is to understand the context of the industries our clients operate, and design appropriate market research programs that address the central business challenge, with the right market research techniques applied to the task.

We are research and data consultants, which means we offer more than data design and collection services, we also provide rating services and industry survey and render consultancy services in Project Evaluation and Monitoring, Preparation of Business Plan, Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies. Our aim is to be a trusted source of information about the industries our ratings focus on which excludes financial institutions and credit rating.